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Novel Series

Chocked full of brutal action, horrendously foul language, crude humor, and whacked out gangsters, Italiano is a savage and hilarious thrill-ride of craziness like nothing you've ever seen before!

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So what is Kickstarter and how does it work?

           Kickstarter is what is called a crowd funding platform. It allows an independent creator like myself to sell directly to a supporter like you. It is done on a pre order basis so that I can gather the funds to supply you with the best product at the best price due to being able to print higher volumes. Kickstarter makes everything nice and easy, and even allows me to update you on the books progress and I complete production and printing. Pretty awesome!

The Story

The Difference

The Major Players

Head of the East Coast family, Mario Italiano runs his streets with strength and

respect. Loved by 

his people and

feared by his

enemies, Mario

is cunning and

fierce. Convinced

that the system

is flawed, he takes

things into his own

hands, delivering

brutal justice to those

that oppose his values.

Boss of the Dirty South, Stinky Joe is an inbred piece of filth that represents everything Mario loaths about the city he loves. Blessed with southern charm, rotten teeth, and a healthy dose of crazy, some say his putrid stench has gotten to his brain.

The Delivery

The Art

Mayor of Capitol City, Benny apposes 

organized crime with every fiber of his being! His father was a member of the

old Italiano regime and was

killed when Benny was 

a boy. He still blames

the Italiano family

for his broken

childhood and 

has vowed to 

destroy Mario 

once and

for all.

Boss of North Point, Biggs is a ruthless ex Soviet who seized power of the North by brute force. 

He and his band

of immigrants

are as hard as

they come.

They have zero

morals and a thirst

for blood that is

out of control!

        Italiano is the story of four very colorful crime families who are locked in a war for control of Capitol City. The series will take you on a journey through the inner working of all four of these twisted families, but our main focus is on Mario Italiano. 

         Mario is the head of the East Coast and the series covers his battles as he attempts to seize control of the city. He will wage wars, strike alliances, and bring his form of justice to the streets. But as he makes his play for power he is opposed by many...

       The first book explores the events that started this power struggle in motion. Mayor Buscillini is gearing up to take on the four families. Dastardly events are unfolding that will lead the families to war. Murder, mayhem, and meatballs will set the stage for an explosive 48 page monster of a debut issue!!

         What make Italiano different from all the other stuff out there?


         While creating and writing the series I was determined to contrast the graphic violence, dramatic plot points, and horrendously foul language of the mobster story line, with crude and witty humor, weird characters, and a unique, in your face art style. 

         This gives the series an edgy yet cool feel that often plays out like a dark comedy, and keeps it fresh and entertaining.  Think of it as Goodfellas meets Rick and Morty, or Regular Show had a baby with GTA and that baby grew up to be a mobster.

          The best part is that you don't have to be into comics to like this series!

Boss of the West Side, Jesse is a big

 business guru, real estate tycoon, and high rollin' casino owner.

He's young, smart,

and will crush you

without lifting a finger!

He loves money, power, and throwing massive parties.

How will the series unfold?

           I'm big on art and action, I like large frames and long fight scenes. So I knew early on that this wasn't a 20 page monthly comic. In order to fit in all the story and not skimp out on the action pages, I just needed more pages! So i'm going to unveil the series in 48 page trade paperbacks. This method will provide the most entertaining book while supplying the reader with a high quality more durable trade format.

           At the moment I am a one man army, meaning that I create, write, script, storyboard, pencil, ink, color, letter, and master every page myself. So I know for sure that I can get two books done each year, and I will shoot for three. On top of this I will be releasing other character art books, and back story to give you a bigger picture of the world of Capitol City as we move forward. 

           This issue will be available for order on Kickstarter in May and printed and ready to ship in September. Issue two will hopefully be ready to ship in December of this year. I will also ship a 20+ page character art and backstory book called Italiano Case Files, with each issue as part of the Kickstarter tiers. I will launch each issue through the Kickstarter platform so that I can offer it directly to you.


           I've been hiding under a rock and building this world for over 15 years! The art style is what I'm most proud of. Bold, bright, and very clean, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Well that's just a 5 page taste of what you're in for with Italiano. This book is over 40 pages of insanity, and I can't wait get it into your hands! But for that I need your help, sign up at the top of the page to be the first to know when we are live on Kickstarter so you can order your copy!

Get your free 10 page preview now!

Get your free 10 page preview now!

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